Accountant @ Bavarian Auto Group - BMW

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Accountant Jobs In Bavarian Auto Group - BMW

Bavarian Auto Group - BMW requires Accountant

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الشروط | Job Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Accounting.
2-4 years of experience as a Cashier/Cash Accountant.
Familiar with ERP systems.
Experience in Authorized Service Center is a plus.

مهام وظائف محاسب في مصر | job duties For Accountant Jobs In Egypt

Receive payments from customers in the form of cash, bank check, and credit cards, then process transactions using SAP and Auto-line system.
Handle cash and account inquiries with customers face-to-face, and will process all transactions accurately and efficiently in accordance with established policies and procedures.
Record cash & checks in & out entries on the system on daily basis.
Issue customers receipts and refunds after reviewing the customer invoice, supported documents, and needed signatures to insure the accuracy.
Keep records of periodic reports and spreadsheets.
Maintain daily, weekly and monthly transaction reports.
Check and evaluate daily cash accounts.
Responsible for depositing cash & checks at the company’s bank.
Handle daily cash expenses.
Resolve customers complaints.
Issuing the car exit voucher after insuring the payments.
Maintain files and documentation thoroughly and accurately, in accordance with company policy and accepted accounting practices.

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Bavarian Auto Group is an international group of companies established in March 2003 when it was appointed as the sole importer of BMW and MINI in Egypt, with exclusive rights for import, assembly, distribution, sales and after-sales support of BMW products in Egypt.

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